Alaffia’s Everyday Coconut Body Lotion

Begotten Beauty 085Hello all! I’m on a coconut craze because I’m lusting after some summer sun and beach time! So what better way to chase the rain and gloom than with a little bit of summer in a bottle?

It’s my new absolute favorite body moisturizer and it’s even coconut based, woohoo! The lotion comes from Alaffia, a fair-trade company based out of Olympia, Washington. It’s called Everyday Coconut, and it even contains both organic coconut water and oil. I have purchased products from Alaffia before, and have remained a happy and loyal customer. This particular product is by far the best lotion they make and the best one I have ever tried (and to make it even better, it’s a killer steal, only about $8 from Super Supplements Begotten Beauty 086 !!!). It is lightweight, smells like a tropical getaway, and absorbs quickly to leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful.

From my experience using this lotion, I find it does a fantastic job of replenishing and retaining moisture. In the past, I’ve had to reapply most lotions, so it’s great only having to put this on once a day! It’s long-lasting and the scent is so subtle, so don’t worry about it mixing with any body sprays or perfumes. The other thing I find wonderful about this lotion is the purity of what you are actually getting. The ingredients are minimal and mostly coconut! I would recommend this lotion as an everyday moisturizer, hand’s down.

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Although it is plenty soothing for my skin, if you are looking for something heavier, a great emollient lotion to check out is Sibu‘s Sea Buckthorn Body Cream. This stuff is super hydrating, especially if you have VERY dry skin.

You can find both of these products at your nearest natural market or online!

Coconut Oil: the must-have for everyone.

Coconut Oil: the must-have for everyone.

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